Microdose Tincture


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Friday 20th October

30 ml bottle with 1ml marked pippette dropper.

Contains 300ug 1P-LSD diluted in 30ml of 50:50 Alcohol:Distilled Water.

1ml = 10ug 1P-LSD

Pippette has the following measurements marked on it:
1.00 ml
0.75 ml
0.5 ml
0.25 ml

Product will last different amounts of time depending on dosage. Here are a few examples:

Dosage 5ug – bottle will last 20 weeks
Dosage 10ug – bottle will last 10 weeks
Dosage 15ug – bottle will last 6 weeks

This product is for research purposes only.

Please make sure to read the microdose information and store page before purchase.