Hold up! Before we continue to the magic, there are a few practicalities that need to be taken care of first. Please make sure you have read the microdosing page here.

Safety Information
The decision to start microdosing is done at one’s own risk. The effects of microdosing have not been studied widely enough to provide statistical risk data for the general population. Whilst negative and/or enduring side effects of using classic psychedelics, especially in very small doses, are believed to be rare, they do exist. Microdosing has been shown to be very well tolerated, both in the small scale studies that exist to date and in large scale anecdotal data collection. More information about risks and side-effects can be found on the microdosing page. Alice’s Emporium is not liable for any negative outcomes associated with microdosing.

On this site it is possible to buy the research chemical 1P-LSD. This is made in a very reputable lab in the Netherlands. This substance is, as the name says, for research purposes and microscopic examination only. To consume this substance is entirely at one’s own risk.

Legal Information
The research chemical 1P-LSD which is available to purchase on this site is legally produced in the Netherlands in a very reputable lab who solely manufacture and distribute substances in accordance Dutch law. Products sold here are shipped only within the European Union, however, some EU countries are excluded due to known issues with local customs. Regardless, consumers are responsible for understanding the laws in the country where they reside, and import research chemicals at their own risk.

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