The Long (And Very Strange) Story…

I first studied psychology when I was 17 and part of a gifted youth programme called Centre For Talented Youth of Ireland. I went on to take Psychology as one of my subjects when I did BA Arts at University College Dublin, where I was mostly interested in Archaeology as an ancient history fanatic (especially […]

Me, Summarized…

I am an autistic Irish woman living in Amsterdam since 2017, although I can often be found at home in Dublin, Ireland. I study BSc Psychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam since September 2017, and I minor in neurobiology and genetics. I have previous education in Psychology, Archaeology, Art & Design, and Costume Design. I have […]

The Microdosing Experience

Before beginning a microdosing practice, it’s important to manage expectations. Quite often I see people practicing short term microdosing coming away disappointed that they haven’t seen any major changes. It’s hard not to place big hope in this novel practice when the headlines about psychedelics are reading things like “one dose of psilocybin is like […]

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This is the booking platform and webshop Alice’s Emporium My company address is: Alice’s EmporiumAntonio Vivaldistraat 7A251083HP Amsterdam My Chamber of Commerce (KVK) registration details are: Alice’s EmporiumBTWNR:KVK:Bank account: NL72 | BIC: ABNANL2A Through my website, privacy-sensitive data or personal information is processed. Alice’s Emporium considers a careful handling of personal data of great importance. […]

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Table of Contents:Article 1 – DefinitionsArticle 2 – Identity of the entrepreneurArticle 3 – ApplicabilityArticle 4 – The offerArticle 5 – The agreementArticle 6 – Right of withdrawalArticle 7 – Obligations of the consumer during the reflection periodArticle 8 – Exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer and costs […]

Store Information

Hold up! Before we continue to the magic, there are a few practicalities that need to be taken care of first. Please make sure you have read the microdosing page here. Safety InformationThe decision to start microdosing is done at one’s own risk. The effects of microdosing have not been studied widely enough to provide […]

Dummy Post

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Since my father’s death earlier this year, I have been in a period of deep reflection. Grief, of course, is itself a form of reflection. When he was dying, and for some time before that, I imagined that his death would bring some relief, and end to the suffering for us all. Relief..never came, and […]